DATA Collection / Market Survey Programe

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Data Collection Program  

1) What is the Data Collection program?

This is a program for anybody looking for an additional income and for those who wish to make it big as an entrepreneur.

2) Who can sign up?

Anyone who has the drive to make it big can sign up as Data Collection. You may be already working, a student, a home-maker or a business man – this business is for all.

3) What is required of me?

Determination and hard work plus some dedicated time for this project.

4) Do I have to pay any money to join as a Data Collection and where do I pay?

Yes, there is a one time registration fee of Rs. 10000/- ( Inclusive of Service Tax ) for State,

5000 Rs for 3 Cities to be paid to become a Data Collection . You can pay online by way of  Bank submission or Cash to Head Of Collection in State.

5) Why do I have to pay to become a Data Collection?

This is a serious business opportunity. We want serious and committed people to take this up. We shall be providing training, training kits plus support to help our Data Collection's achieve their goal, hence the one time fee is charged. Its like a small investment for starting a business.

6) How can I earn money?

You can earn money by Unique data collection

7) What can I earn from joining as a Data Collection?

You earn Rs 15/- for every unique data collected and entered by you in our Database..

8) What details do I have to provide for data collection?

you will pay  upto Rs 15/- for every complete unique data entered by you in our database based on the break up of pay out and details required.

Data base payment breakup - Effective 1st August 2010


Proposed for Data Collections

Company Name




Contact Person Name


Landline Numbers


Mobile Numbers


Email ID


Hours of Operation





 Extra if Photo in Jpeg / gif / bmp format. (File Size - max 200 kb per photo , max 5 photos) is uploaded)


Extra if the above photo is Geo Coded




Penalty - If less than 80% of audited data by the Database team in a batch is correct

Batch gets rejected. No commision.

9) What is meant by Unique data?

Any shop / establishment information which is not there in the Directory records or given by any body else .

10) What is Geo Coded photograph?

A photograph that can map the business enterprise / shop / establishment exactly through GPS. Geo coding may be achieved when a Data Collection takes a photo through a GPS enabled camera or even phones like the Blackberry 9000 Series / Nokia C5 series and download into a PC / laptop which has the Viewnx software installed

11) How do I enter all the details in the right way ?

You can refer the Guidelines for data entry ,. The data entry page and the Client Signup module is very simple and user friendly , in case you find any difficulty to proceed please write to or call Helpline number 08802698619

12) Can I earn money if I provide additional information on the existing data in Survey?

No , you earn the data collection amount only from unique and new data which is not available in the database 

13) What are the kind of businesses / Clients that I could think of including in free listings for database?

Any business establishment , shops, Consultants, local electrician, plumber, Police Stations, Government Offices, Schools, Play Homes, Day Care centres, Tuition teachers, Car mechanics, Scooter repairs, Doctors, Engineers, Contractors, Buildes, Real Estate Developes, Brokers, Architects, Aluminium fabricators, the list can be endless for database .

14) When will the data's entered by me in the Data Collection program be viewable by all in the website?

All data's entered by a Data Collection will be viewed only after the data is audited by the Database . The audit of the data's are normally completed by the 20th of the subsequent month, thereafter the data's are uploaded into the website if data's provided by the Data Collection is found to be accurate.

15) What are the kind of data's that will not be entertained or rejected by us?

Residential addresses, road side vendors and any business listings which has incorrect information or data's not having any contact number, categories etc.

16) Is there any proof to be provided to Directoryfor authenticity of data?

Yes, Directory reserves the right to upload any data or reject any data. At any point of time Directory and its Officers can ask for submission of proof like the visiting card of the business establishment or shop or office to ensure that you have personally tried to take the information from the respective shop / office.

17) Why is Directory particular about proof of any business recorded by Data Collection into the database?

Directory since its inception has ensured that the data uploaded in the website is accurate and the information given to its customers are highly reliable. Directory can confidently boast that over 98% of the data are accurate and this is because we ensure that the shops / establishments recorded in the website are 100% existing while the entries are made in our records.

18) How is the accuracy of the data through Data Collection provided by me checked ?

Our Database team will take the data provided by the Data Collection and do a telecalling execise to check the authenticity of data. The calls will be made directly to the number provided against each Business listing.

19) What can be done with the Rejected data as claimed by us?

The rejected data will be uploaded back into your Data Collection account. Uploading accurate data is of utmost importance for us and any inaccurate data does not help in servicing our Customers who call for information. In case of repeated instances of invalid records provided by a Data Collection, we may take serious action against such Data Collection which may also involve Termination of Data Collectionship.

20) Are there any targets?

Data Collections' earnings are commission based. Your earnings are directly linked to your efforts. The more clients you sign up & the more fresh data you collect & enter, the more you earn.

21) How does the Company know my Bank account details?

When you are joining as a Data Collection, the HOS will ask details of your Bank account number, Bank name, Address, IFS code etc. These details are collected to ensure smooth transfer of commissions to your account.

22) Is there a restriction on the area/city that I can work in?

No. You can work anywhere in the State 

23) How will I be paid?

Your earnings will be transferred online to your Bank account with in 60 days of Data Submission and Verification . When registering as a Data Collection, you will be asked to provide your Bank account details.

24) When will I be paid?

You will be paid once every month after verification of your data . The direct credit transfer of commissions will be done to your bank account if the receivable cross Rs.1000/-, if your receivables is less than Rs. 1000/- for a month then the same will be carried forward and transferred when the amount crosses Rs.1000/-.