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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Is there any Age limit to take part in this Program?
Yes, Minimum Age required to take part is 18 years.

2 What are the basic requirements to get started?
To get started you should have basic knowledge of Computer and internet surfing. You can do it from home or cyber café or a place where you have internet connection.

3. Is there any working hours?
No, you can work from anywhere at your convenient time.

4. How to join?
To get started, first you have to register yourself with any of our membership Plans. For details check plan chart on the website and how to register page.
You can choose any of the plan as per your convenience. Every plan has different earning limitation. But the working mode or pattern for all the plans is same.

5. How to make payment?
Payment can be made through online transfer, Demand draft, Cash Deposit or Cheque

6. Can I pay the registration fee after I join or can the fee be deducted from my earnings?
No. As we have to maintain resource and infrastructure of the company so registration fee is required for joining. 

7. When I will receive my work details?
After confirming your payment within 24hrs, you'll be getting a mail from our side with work details along with  Matter

8. Will you provide websites and Ad matter?
Yes, we will provide Ad matters and thousand of websites.

9. Do I have to pay any amount or fees while posting ads on websites?
Not at all. Those are free classifieds where anybody can post ads free of cost.

11. Can I put Ads in Blogs & open public forums on internet?

12. How will you know whether I have posted Ad or not?
After posting each Ad, you have to prepare report according to our reporting format which you will receive with work details.

13. Is there any minimum monthly target to get payment?
Yes, 500 Ads should be correct to get paid every month. If in a particular month correct Ad is less then 500 then you are not eligible to get payment for the month.

14.How often can I repeat Ads in a particular Free classified Website?  
This is very important, simply putting same Ad continuously all day will be of no use. Here in all these explanation we’ll take example of one of the Free classified called “” Suppose you are putting Ad in this website, than you can repeat the same Ad in this website after 30 days only. In the mean time you can put other Ads in this website. In short no repeating of a particular Ad in a particular website every 30 days. This implies with all websites. The reason is one Ad will have its effect for atleast 30 days, so not necessary to repeat same Ad.

15.Is there any limitation for the no. of Ads I put in any website?  
   Yes. you can put the Ad one time in a particular website in a particular month.

16.What else one has to keep in mind while posting Ad?
Before getting started its very important that you should be familiar with all the PROTOVIC conditions & its terms & conditions.
  • No Repeating of same Ads in same website within 30 days of Ad posting.
  •Placing of same Ad in different category of the same website.
  •You should not put more than one time Ad in same website for a particular month or a   period of 30 days from posting the first Ad.
  •Ad’s which don’t have details of PROTOVIC, & its products will not be considered. You have to put Ad’s created by PROTOVIC only.
  •You should not put your details in any Ads.
  •Ad should be posted correctly with correct spellings of PROTOVIC email addresses & website names.

17. How much I can earn in a month through PROTOVIC?  
You can earn monthly from Rs.6,000/- to Rs.40,000/-. Per Ad posted by you will pay you from Rs.1 to Rs.9 Rs

18. When shall we send report?
You require to send us report one time in a month that is 30th  of every month. We don't accept report other than given date.

19. When I will get my payment.
Our month starting date is 1st day of every month and month ending date is 30th and pay-out date is 20th  of every month . We pay only for valid Ad posting.

20. How can I know how many Ads are correct?
We will send you report status with your payment details through e-mail.

21. Can I do Ad posting on 30 of a month?
Yes. You can do Ad posting from 1st to 30th of every month, have to send the report to us 30th of the month within 5 o’clock evening.

22. Are registered name or payee name changeable or transferable after Registration?

23. How you will send my payment?
Your payments will be sent by At-par Cheque or fund transfer or paypal  as preferred by you.