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Earn Unlimited by just copy-paste on internet

Work from home

Yes, its that simple. You just have to copy and paste short advertisements in the form of text messages on various classifieds. No hactic paper work, just work from home or internet cafe. Do it full time or part time, it is always going to make handsome money for you. All you have to register yourself with Protovic for ad posting job and we will start sending you the text ads which you have to post on different free classifieds..

100% Payment Guarantee

Earning starts from the very first day and the payment is made on monthly basis.

Plan                                     Subscription Charge         Number of Ads provided per month (max.)             Payment per Advertisement          Monthly Payment (max.)        

Bonanaza Plan                        20,000 Rs                                        8,000                                                                                      9 Rs.                                         72,000 Rs
Diamond plan                          14,000 Rs.                                       7,000                                                                                       7 Rs.                                        49,000 Rs.
Golden Plan                                7,000 Rs.                                       6,000                                                                                       5 Rs.                                        30,000 Rs.
Silver Plan                                  5,000 Rs.                                       5,000                                                                                       3 Rs.                                         15,000 Rs.
Ordinary Plan*                           1000 Rs                                         2000                                                                                        2 Rs                                            4,000 Rs

Download Demo
To understand how easy it is to do the ad posting job, - Download Demo from Download Section


You can make your payment directly in our head office situated at Bhopal and you can also
deposit cash in our Union Bank account given on this page.
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